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Playbrush Smart One

New! Pre-Order at a discount - only now!



Playbrush Smart One is your stylish & intelligent sonic toothbrush

✓ UNIQUE. Track your brushing quality (coverage, pressure, etc.) on the handle of the brush
✓ BEST-IN-CLASS. Interactively improve your dental hygiene with the Playbrush App
✓ CONVENIENT. Get your brush head refills comfortably delivered via mail

Starts at $59,99. To get access to the Playbrush App and to appreciate our convenient delivery services you require an additional Pro Plan.



All benefits combined.

Pro Plan
($49,99 per year)
No Plan
Playbrush Smart One sonic toothbrush with coverage monitor and smart light feedback
Playbrush App Access
Personal brushing tips and performance tracking
Exciting Games & Challenges
Brush Head Replacements (8 heads per year)
First month free. Cancel anytime.

Order your Playbrush Smart One including a full-service Pro Plan now and only pay $59,99 for the toothbrush upfront. You save $10.

The actual delivery will happen in October. Then it’s time to download the Playbrush App and try out all features!

Only after a 30 days free trial we will charge you for the yearly plan ($49,99). You can cancel the subscription anytime.

Be a Smart One and brush according to your own rules

No matter if you are a perfectionist or pragmatist, single or family, old-school or hipster - Playbrush provides you with everything you need to support YOUR individual brushing routine.

Good Deal?

Yes, of course!

The Playbrush Pro Plan is $49,99 per year. You get access to the Playbrush App and receive brush head deliveries worth $49,99. This basically means you will never have to pay for brush heads ever again!

Ready for being a Smart One?

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